Aglaia Haritz, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, 2010, palestinian traditional embroidery on cloth, 48x73 cm

The Freedom Theatre is always been the alternative resistance in the Palestinian society using the arts as a model for social change. After almost 5 years of existence, we can now say that we are a group of artists that act upon their society expressing their ideas creatively using many components of the artistic performance.
During the week of 6th to 12th June 2010, The Freedom Theatre is going release it's message once again, starting at the streets of Jenin city.

My artistic intervention is to put together "You are what you eat" (Rammstein) with the traditional Palestinian cross-stitch technic of red on black.


During this week, a series of street artistic happenings will take place at the city of Jenin. Multidisciplinary street performances, screening of videos and artistic installations will be shown in several places of the city with the same strong visual message - the palestinians are buying their own occupation and a new alternative resistance must rise.

This action should bring people together in one struggle: the one against the occupation - as we know, the occupation is always underlying the normality of the life in Palestine... but the facts say the opposite: every year, the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza bring 2.5 billion dollars to the Israeli economy in just buying israeli products, paying for their own imprisonment.
In living here we have observed that not everyone is informed about this and, as artists, we believe that performing arts will be the best way to attract the people's attention. So, we have come up with the idea of a guerrilla advertisement of our alternative resistance to the Occupation.

This series of events have the objective to communicate and inspire the people of Palestine to continue to fight for their freedom, dignity and rights through creative and conscious actions. Anyone can be active by choosing in what to invest their own money and knowledge - if the Palestinians themselves privilege palestinian economic and cultural relations these ties will grow strong and be the base of a better life for everyone in Palestine.

Micaela Miranda,The Freedom Theater, Jenin 2010

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giornale cucito su stoffa, 60x160 cm, 2005