Some drawing of Aglaia are selected to be part of an interesting art project curated from Anke Becker, at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin.
900 small drawings will be exposed in anonym way and only if they are sell, the name of the author will be written.
A question about the contemporary art and his market. A show where everybody can express himself without to be ...afraid.

Officinaarte - Le tre scimmie sapienti

Fili di voce

Officinaarte e Demetra (associazione che lavora con il problema degli abusi sessuali sui minori) offrono uno spunto per riflettere sul "non vedo, non sento, non parlo".
L'esposizione "Le tre scimmie sapienti " relaziona l'arte a questo delicato tema sociale attraverso l'intervento di una cinquantina di artisti, scrittori e persone pensanti.
più informazioni su questo link: www.officina-arte.ch


berlin snowy gray day ©r_albertalli
Aglaia's work will be part of the exhibiton "A PREVIEW", in Turin (I), hold during the Artissima Art Fair, at the "peep/th.projectroom" of Riccardo Roma.
Special Opening: Saturday 8th november, 9 pm in Via Mantova 30/B: you all are warmly welcome!
In Turin one piece out of her newer series "palestina" will be shown for the very first time, together with older productions ("doppio filo" and personal projects)
Click on the image above to see it's details. The black and white photography is ©reto albertalli and a big "thank you!" goes to Peace Watch Switzerland wich made the experience in the West Bank possible.


ARHIPELAG, 3° Festival internazionale d'arte contemporanea Nova Gorica

Guerra II, giornale, garza, stoffa, cucito su tessuto, 117x137 cm, 2007

     dettaglio "Guerra II" 

Con quest'opera partecipo ad Arhipelag, il Festival Internazionale d'arte contemporanea fra Nova Gorica, Slovenia, e Gorizia, Italia.


September, back to Berlin

"Holiday" are over.
I just go on with my work: drawing, stitching, sewing, ...


July in Tessin

Now I let space to my brain to vagabond and swim in the “ticino bubble”, then I’ll slowly direct it to work : productions about the trip in Palestine are not yet complete!

work in progress waiting in Berlin...

"EGOgraphic Map"

The art work “EGOgraphic Map” resisted heroically the bad weather and vandalisms.

Took place yesterday the vernissage of Jetztkunst 08 in Schüpfen!

Foto: Reto Albertalli


Aglaia filming, as volunteers of PeaceWatchSwitzerland do in Hebron. 

Aglaia's concept "EGOgraphic Map" has been selected for the "Jetzt Kunst" art project and her fiber production will be part of this year's open-air exhibition. You are all warmly welcome in Schüpfen (Bern) on July the 6th for the opening!

Her work has been recently shown in Maniago (I) for the sixth edition of the "Concorso internazionale d'Arte Tessile / Fiber Art Premio Valcellina".

Actually she's working on a new series of textile fabrics, reflecting her recent experience travelling through the occupied palestinian territories, in the West Bank, toghether with the photographer Reto Albertalli. Their common impressions are  giving life to a new body of work, prolongating the conceptual and aesthetical strenghts of the previous "doppio filo" sequence.


Al Khalil - Hebron  ©Reto Albertalli

We are back from Palestine.
I'm full of emotions, faces and lifes I meet in the trip. I'll take some time to digest it.
The most important thing I want to exteriorise is the big inequity between Palestinian people I meet and weapon israeli soldiers who are slowly going to let the Palstinian folk disappear.
What about Jewish people lived more than 60 years ago... ?
Words won't be able to describe what I feel. For this reason Reto and me have to work a lot now... soon you'll see new works.
Regrettably the exhibition in Berlin will be postponed?




Tomorrow morning we finally fly to Palestina! We will be in Tel Aviv for some days, than Jerusalem, than.....
I'll tell you all when I'm back!


caught contemplating her work - ©reto albertalli

HELLO! to those visiting for the first time Aglaia's blog! As you can see it reflects her a bit: pink and orange! all languages mixed up! :)
It exists, yet, instead of an official internet page. You'll see samples of her work by clicking on the different links or by scrolling down the page. Don't forget to check her friends pages and feel free to explore each corner of this blog (no risk). We will try to update it with the latest news about her work, her projets and exhibitions. Drop by and say hello once in a while by leaving comments. Enjoy! And contact Aglaia for any matter...
By now she is fully immersed with the "Schüpfen Jetzt Kunst" project. It's snowing outside, here in Berlin!!!


PHOTOS to be seen by clicking (HERE) ©reto albertalli

Finally! FINALLY! Party mood tonight, even doe at 8 pm we still wait for the new "Mitbewohner" to arrive... After all the work Aglaia has put into this, a pretty important gallery in Mitte Berlin, Abel Neue Kunst (infos here), decided the date of an exhibition of Aglaia's Work she did in collaboration with Reto. It's an important goal Aglaia reached through patience and passion, by never giving up! The date is fixed for the 16th of May. Try to be there if you can!!! Now there is some more and very serious work to be done... We'll keep you updated: on this page!



giornale cucito su stoffa, 60x160 cm, 2005